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Re: Scenario Chamber - Reader-driven FYOP

Postby LongTimeLurker » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:22 am

Mixgull wrote:Cowgirl scenario? Maybe?

Do you mean a wild west scenario, a more contemporary farm-girl or this sort of cow girl? :)

madx1 wrote:Uh, I think I found a typo,
FYOP/Scenario Chamber/Girl Next Door/0042

“I need seven cores to unlock the main door,” you state plainly. “Would you be able to assist me?”

It's supposed to be six right?

Also a suggestion: Kinda want to be able to take Amber's mom with us too ;)

Six sounds correct. I'll fix the typo and add in a bit of mom-bot repair.

KinoLangDanzel wrote:Maybe we can add a Monster Girl scenario. Similar to those FreakWorld stories I read on FW, there could be a scenario chamber with humanoid gynoids with animal characteristics. Maybe robots like a snake-girl fembot or the classic cat-girl robot would be nice.

I loved FreakWorld, and definitely have a soft spot for monster girls :lovestruck:. I'll try to sprinkle some in where appropriate (see below).

KinoLangDanzel wrote:Some common superpowers include laser eyes, breath weapon (either freezing or extremely violent winds), flight, invisibility, telekinesis, and, of course, super strength. Take your pick or add more. I can imagine some really nice gynoid destruction when their 'powers' go.... awry.

The next chamber I'm doing is SuperHeroes, and of course it's spiraling out of control - but I did manage to fit in a cat girl and an "energy-beam" hero / villain.

australopith wrote:Nah—I'd really like an option to get out with that snarky stage manager. She and I are serious—you don't even know. :)

I am terrified at the prospect of writing a separate, "And you run off [insert robot(s) here]" because that gets messy very, very quickly... but I am of course happy to crowd-source these possibilities ;)
If you just want a "fix the stage manager and send her to the nebulous 'main entrance'", that's much easier.

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Re: Scenario Chamber - Reader-driven FYOP

Postby Mixgull » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:32 pm

Yeah, western... I wouldn't mind though (.¿.)


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