Ask Galatea (V.I.C.I.-verse "Interactive" FAQ)

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Ask Galatea (V.I.C.I.-verse "Interactive" FAQ)

Postby DukeNukem 2417 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:58 pm

NOTE: In lieu of a proper "V.I.C.I.-pedia for the series, I decided to create an "interactive" FAQ thread and answer questions in-character as Galatea---who, by virtue of being a character transplanted from my crappy old, pre-V.I.C.I. writing to the V.I.C.I.-verse itself, knows all that I know about the series. Any question you have, feel free to post here---within reason, of course.


....right. For those who remember me from the "V.I.C.I.-verse", I'm Galatea. If you're thinking of the robot girl who rode a horse in a psuedo-medieval setting, that's another Galatea. If you're thinking of the JLU version of Power Girl, that's another Galatea---y'know what? I've never been good at introductions. Let's just get right down to it: all of you want to know what's going on, who's who, and why everything has happened, is happening and probably WILL happen for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, all you need to do is ask me---thanks to certain, shall we say, connections, I'm as close to a walking and talking encyclopedia regarding the ALPA and its history as you'll get.

Now, before we begin, a few....I don't want to call them "rules", since that would sound really restrictive, so, ah...guidelines. Let's call 'em guidelines.

Before we get things started, a few guidelines.

1.: I know what kind of site this is, what you're all into and why you're all here, but PLEASE don't ask me anything.....intimate....about Vicki. If you want Rae Clarke's sexual history, no problem. What every version of Alicia from The House is into? I'll gladly spill the beans. As for Vicki....considering what she's dealt with, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want THOSE details of her life divulged at random.

2.: In keeping with forum policy, I can't go into any details about Vicki's life before her time at San Jose State University began. I don't think I need to explain any further on this one.

3.: It may take a while for me to get back to some people with specific answers on specific questions. As ironic as it may seem, I'm not perfect.

4.: Spam questions ("What is the sound of one hand clapping?") will be ignored. Also, don't try to break me with a logic bomb---I have my ways around them. :wink:

And finally....

5.: Some of the material in the "V.I.C.I.-verse is in a state of flux. What you call the earliest stories in the series, in particular, need to be edited and changed slightly---the main stories are canon, but a few of the minor bits need to be fixed, tweaked, what have you.

Further guidelines will go up as events warrant. For now, I hope these will be enough.

Anyway, that's the introductory bit over with......let the questions commence!
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V.I.C.I.-Pedia coming soon (-ish)

Postby DukeNukem 2417 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:23 pm

NOTE: I think that this idea of mine was a good one in theory, but had more holes than a sieve in regards to execution. With that in mind...

Galatea rolled her eyes (she knew they were ocular sensory receptors, but calling them "eyes" was a lot quicker) as she stared at the monitor. "350 views and no replies," she mused, a sigh leaving her neon purple lips. "I bet if I took my top off---"

"Try it and I'll have you written out of the series entirely."

The silver-skinned gynoid groaned. "You were in ALPA custody the last time anyone saw you, Oberon! Why are you---"

"This bit doesn't count," the ex-ALPA chairman beamed. "Out-of-continuity, non-canon, call it what you will.....this was meant to be a way to get people to ask about the series, and so far....." He shrugged. "I suppose," he added, "that asking them to go back and read earlier entries was a bit too much---especially with your line about some bits needing to be changed---"

"That's just because Duke wanted to rewrite parts of the earlier stories to, well, suck less!" Galatea insisted. "He's not rebooting the series or anything!"

"Except you never mentioned that in the initial post. Plus, having the author say he's posting in character is....a bit weird, isn't it?" Oberon chuckled. "Brings to mind that Surrogates movie---I never did see that one---"

"Oh, shut up...." Galatea propped her chin up with her hands, blowing a lock of purple hair away from her eyes. "So he's just going to delete the thread and send us back into a holding pattern, then?" she inquired. "And while we're both here---why are YOU being so nice to ME?! Last time we were in a story together, I shot you in the hand---"

"And the back, and five inches---or was it centimeters? I can never remember.....anyway, you nearly shot me pretty sodding close to the heart as well....but you know that doesn't translate to this. Outside of the story, we're still who we've always been." Oberon grinned. "Besides, I didn't just show up here to snarl the continuity with my little glorified cameo.....I came to make an announcement."

"And what announcement would that be?"

"Well, since you asked...." He turned his attention to the monitor. "I think we should let Duke tell them this part."
It's come to my attention that trying to have an interactive FAQ thing probably isn't going to work---nobody wants to go back and pick through the early stories bit by bit, especially since I still do need to "touch up" a few bits in the earlier ones (the second story from Season 1 in particular still makes me cringe). That being said, I'm going to ATTEMPT to have a story-by-story V.I.C.I.-pedia done up, starting TENTATIVELY this summer (earlier, if at all possible), to go in-depth with info on the important characters, organizations, technology and terminology of the series as a whole.

As for where the series stands now: "King Nothing", the latest entry in Season 2, is still being worked on---and I have a spin-off series planned that can hopefully flesh-out some of the more underdeveloped areas of the V.I.C.I.-verse for those interested. Reading back on the works of authors like TW, WilloWisp, Baron, General, Austrapolith, propman and the others over the past few days, as well as ruminating on the series as a whole while getting over my latest bout with the common cold (oh, how I HATE it), I know that trying to rush myself isn't going to end well---and trying to cram an encyclopedia's worth of info into a single post is A.) something I couldn't get away with if I tried and 2.) very likely to break the site (and probably lead to Robotman invading my dreams to demand restitution or something like that), so...yeah.

In summary: Story-by-story V.I.C.I.-pedia starting this summer (hopefully), "King Nothing" will be posted by Easter (I could make a few jokes about the timing, but I won't....yet :mrgreen: ) and expect a spin-off soon if I can get all the issues ironed out.

Happy times and places! :D
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Re: Ask Galatea (V.I.C.I.-verse "Interactive" FAQ)

Postby LongTimeLurker » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:33 pm

Great to see you still writing, Duke - looking forward to seeing the touched-up versions of your initial stories. I keep intending to go back and touch up my own, but I'm very lazy :)

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