The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Kano » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:36 am

Leilani sat on the living room couch, still in her Hooters waitress uniform. After a long, busy shift however, her panty hosed feet were now minus shoes & socks. But tonight, this wasn't what caught Brad's attention. She sat mostly motionless, arms lazily at her side & blankly staring. Only her head turned. Smoothly left, then back forward- repetitiously. She helplessly only repeated, “Leilani 990 malfunction", monotonously.
Underneath the tanned, fit yet thick, sexy exterior was a completely mechanical, computerized, electronic interior. Leilani was an android. A robot. She appeared to be stuck in a program loop. This Leilani unit had everyone fooled including Brad. Now, his ravishing roomate looked like nothing more than a realistic, lifelike, windup doll. Her eyes were now changed to a silver mirrorlike hue with a faint red glow to the pupils. Brad lifted the trademark white tank top. “I've always wondered what made her tick….”

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby australopith » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:16 pm

"Milady," sighed Greg Jenkins, "you're the most annoying robot ever."

"I know," Contessa Isabella grinned. "Don't you just hate me? Delicious, isn't it?"

"No," the other replied. "I'm not talking about villainy as an art form, I'm talking about how you make my life terrible."

"My dear, if I didn't practice, I wouldn't be evil…"

"How would you like it?" Greg snapped. "If I quit my job at this phony Castle? Your next goddamn BUTLER might not be a human you could blackmail. And I'd warn them. Maybe I'd let SimulEnt fire me, if it ended your power—"

SLAP! Contessa elegantly smacked him. "How dare you threaten a lady?"

"A lady?! YOU... you're an algorithm, or something!"

"So you mean to tell me I don't feel what I KNOW I feel? 'Mathematics is the language in which God hath written the universe.' Galileo, darling. I want culture, and life. And love."

[With help from Propman—as ever!]
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Propman » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:03 am

Carol entered the dressing room elated, holding two massive bouquets in her arms. She twirled for a moment, presenting herself.
"You slew the show!", the redheaded Sally looked at her co-star, half amused, half impressed.
"Thank you, Sal. Be a dear and put these in water?"
Sally’s CPU calculated a couple of variants of this conversation – before deciding it’s not worth antagonizing Carol. The singer could be quite… annoying to say the least. “Sure…”
Carol looked in the mirror, pursing her scarlet lips. “Oh, Sally? Could you help me out here? You know…”
Sally shrugged and walked up to Carol. Grabbing her blonde head by the both sides, she twisted it. Something clicked. Carol’s beautiful face froze in place as Sally removed her co-star’s head. “”, the headless body of Carol took her head back, answering in monophonic flat tone, so different than her usual soprano. “I’ll carry on myself”.

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Rexxy » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:50 am

Carolina Jones found herself surrounded by piles of circuits and components in the ancient tomb of the forebears. Or was it the precursors? No this one was DEFINITELY the ancients. Her segmented fingers lifted a golden-gilded circuit with platinum inlays and gem-like LEDs. Besides her was a hovering hologram of a flowing haired, buxom AI.

"Remember Jones. Only one circuit contains the knowledge of the robot gods. All the others will initiate your self-destruct."

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby zerodin » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:25 am

Whether you're looking for security, a bit of companionship or anything in between, Secucom's Gr3t4 military-grade refurbished android is the low-cost solution for you and your company. Greta is a versatile, physically imposing model, compatible with all T4 series SI-cards. She can be a no-nonsense perimeter guard, your company's fitness instructor, or your very own personal entertainment*. Being a military surplus model, Greta has no wireless connectivity, making her virtually** unhackable! You need not fear lawsuits from intruders or corporate spies, as every Greta unit is completely 3-laws compliant. She's hard-coded to capture and contain, not harm.

*Due to the unit's fortified chassis, certain sexual acts and positions can result in serious injury or death.
**To prevent the likelihood of physical hacks via Greta's dorsal panel, regularly cycle a new vocal passcode.

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby dieur » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:46 pm

"Calli, please, you don't know what you're doing!" Brittney pleaded to the dark hair that was all she could see of the young woman kneeling in front of her. The other woman took no heed, and continued to poke away at the complex control panel before her. A panel that was clearly part of Brittney herself. It was inset set just under the massive breasts of which she was so proud but others considered wholly inappropriate for an R-class gynoid. The robot girl glanced bitterly at the smaller interface panel high on her chest. It was so convenient to keep open to connect directly to a computer and do research. She'd never imagined someone might just sneak up on her and flick that tiny switch to maintenance mode. Who does that??

Brittney gasped and flushed as her nipples violently popped out on her chest. Was Calli accessing her sexual systems??

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby --Battery-- » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:22 pm

“Robots are, not people. Robots are, not people...”

Chise kept repeating. Her arms bent stiff. moving sparely to maintain her servomotor stability as she walked aimlessly in the shopping districts of Jinkoushima, her lively and witty red eyes now dull.

the manifestation movement” as it was called was the largest protest ever seen in Japan, most of the supporters where emigrants from Asia not happy with the manufacturing of robots to supply the country need for citizens.

Chise was unlucky to be there, locked inside the clothe store with the other androids as the swarm of protestors came out of nowhere.

Protecting the other robots, she locked the door. unfortunately, from the outside.
By the strength of hundred human hands, her chest was pried open and her interface violated with a powerful viral program card that shut down her higher systems.
she was stripped and commanded to follow the mob.


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