Pluton brb nero series 2

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Re: Pluton brb nero series 2

Postby tmc_6882 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:08 pm

cyberdude wrote:
That site can be used to download from rtve. Paste the URL in the bow, "Calcular", then "Save link as..." or use your download manager on the new generated link.

I've been trying to download episodes using the Video Downloader professional, but all that I can get thus far, are ads.

This page is for downloading videos and audios from RTVE.ES. To obtain the download link, simply enter the address or addresses (one per line) where the videos are located and click Calculate. We recommend that you visit our help videos.

NOTICE: RTVE has blocked access to your files from our page, so you have to make an effort to download the videos: once calculated, you have to copy the link, open a new window and paste the link. It is not valid to click with the right button and - Open link in new window -, because it would continue detecting that it is being accessed from this page and it would block it. I recommend this video tutorial that a user has made.

Pluto BRB Nero - T1 - Chapter 13

Video link
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Postby tmc_6882 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 2:43 am

tinyspider wrote:
Karel wrote:I, for one, am not in any particular hurry to see these translated into English: I see them as a perfect aid and excuse to learn Spanish.

P.S: does anyone have any idea of which episodes are best yet?

My personal opinion: From season one would be 1,2 and 11, those are the only ones with deactivation scenes, but I haven't watched 'em all thoroughly. So, they might be more

The deactivation part from Episode 2 is at the 04:13 mark.

And here's Episode 11 from Season 1:


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