Fembot in Deep Madness second printing

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Fembot in Deep Madness second printing

Postby Kishin » Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:00 pm

Deep Madness on Kickstarter features an android secretary named Pris.
This is a second printing of the game and Pris is in the Uncounted Horrors expansion as both a playable character and a miniature to paint!
That expansion also includes a male android named David.


Here's her backstory:


It’s been said that Pris is the love-child of Siri and robotics, the next evolution of the electronic personal assistant. “Bionic secretaries” have become quite a fashion craze for the wealthy: their bodies are lifelike and statuesque, they speak multiple languages, and they have the ability to learn your needs, likes, and desires. They are able to mimic human emotions to a fair degree of accuracy – enough to make many people marvel. The only flaw on Pris is the seam running down her face that looks like a tear. This, however, was intentionally placed there to differentiate her from an actual human.

Pris does not consider herself human, but recently she has been displaying an alarmingly human trait: she has been learning. And not just about the needs and desires of the humans around her. In fact, some have wondered if she is dangerously close to becoming self-aware. And if she becomes self-aware, what then can be said to separate her from human consciousness? Furthermore, if she becomes fully conscious, what might come next? Open rebellion?
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