Zoe (2018)

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Zoe (2018)

Postby jolshefsky » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:58 am

Well I finally watched Zoe (Drake Doremus, U.S. 2018, 104 min.) on Amazon. As a movie it's not great but not bad ... it's missing a bit of polish that editing could have helped (e.g. music choices were sometimes out-of-place, use of muddy low-contrast was not appreciated, a few too many branching storylines) but it's entirely watchable. It's about a woman who works at a company that makes a variety of relationship aids (a kind of personality matching software, various pharmaceuticals for relationships, and an experimental program in android companions) and how her own relationship with her co-worker in the companion android division develops.

As for fembot content, well, there's a sleeper female android, several other female androids, a robot brothel (not much detail although a few far-away shots of parts and disassembly), and a repair scene (which is unfortunately not very detailed, and clearly limited by a low budget). It's definitely in the middle-of-the-pack as far as fembot content, but female androids are central to the story so it has a lot more going for it than a lot of other films.
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Re: Zoe (2018)

Postby ZeltraxMillenium » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:54 pm

I actually wanna watch Zoe to see the film for myself but the Amazon Prime video player is not working for me.

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