KDrama: I'm Not A Robot

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KDrama: I'm Not A Robot

Postby cyberdude » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:46 am


First episode can be found there. Basically (if I get the gist right), the main guy is humanphobic and rich, he paid some people to make a robot, some shit happened now the robot is broken so one of the lead scientist/inventor/engineer recruits the girl that the robot is modeled after. Then the girl is forced to replace the robot (by faking it). There are some good scenes of the robot in this episode but I'm not sure if the actual robot will make more appearances.

EDIT: Apparently that was episode 2(?)

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Re: KDrama: I'm Not A Robot

Postby N6688 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:54 pm

God dammit..........you got me hooked on a korean telenovella now.
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