Videogame finds.

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby Epitaph » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:14 am

New game on Steam: Cyberpunk Arena

No idea if it's any good, but the images look fairly interesting. Here's what they say about it on the Steam page:

Cyberpunk Arena is a PvP and PvE online action game! in the underwater Sci-Fi setting.
As a player, you’ll be able to choose one of the underwater androids. Each android has her own characteristics. Such as speed of movement, armor, additional protection, etc.

Every female android can shoot plasma missiles to destroy guards or sea creatures. The player can enhance the missiles during the game.

During an incident, the underwater laboratory was flooded, and the player will be able to move both outside the complex and inside flooded areas.

In the underwater world of ‘Cyberpunk Arena’, you'll be able to swim under the water exploring flooded labs, sunken testing areas, and fierce inhabitants of this world.

Beware of gigantic underwater monsters they are incredibly powerful and dangerous!

There are lots of different sea creatures, sharks, octopuses, and even a large mechanical squid in ‘Cyberpunk Arena’! Many of the inhabitants of the underwater world are neutral and just move in the background of the events, but some try to destroy you!

Compete with other players to become the best of the androids. Take the first place in the global ranking of best players in the Cyberpunk Arena!

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby TheShoveller » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:37 pm

So, since The Fall part 2 comes out in a week or so, I'm streaming me playing the first one. Feel free to check it out if you want.

Plan on streaming the second one too when it comes out.

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby big-bot » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:47 pm

Don’t know if this has been posted yet but the trailer for The Fall part 2:

I played the game on steam and I’m pretty close to the end. Love playing as the companion. I don’t won’t to ruin it for anyone but it’s worth the $16 in my opinion. Big dose of perceptual filters. Reminded me of a ‘virus alert’ type of robot in a way. Especially when the companion visits “the spa”! No exposed circuitry yet..still worth it!

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby Cornelius » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:48 am

Uncom wrote:Overwatch has a playable fembot, although she's a heavy hard-robot. Her name's Orisa ... Although she's a heavy hard-robot, she can be really cute at times. She kind of reminds me of a mother.

Looks like a Disney fan's wet-dream if "Big Hero 6" banged a Totoro. :-D

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby KinoLangDanzel » Tue May 15, 2018 4:01 am

Found this neat shooting game called Intrusion 2.
The game is not only fun, but it has a gynoid boss named Maku wielding a pretty big gun named Dan.
Sadly, I can't find any close-up shots of her besides some art made by a DeviantArtist.
Here is a video of a guy beating her while taking no damage:
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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby T-elos/Thurosis » Thu May 17, 2018 11:29 am

KinoLangDanzel wrote:Hello
Found this neat shooting game called Intrusion 2.
The game is not only fun, but it has a gynoid boss named Maku wielding a pretty big gun named Dan.
Sadly, I can't find any close-up shots of her besides some art made by a DeviantArtist.
Here is a video of a guy beating her while taking no damage:

Here the link to the artist, which you mentioned

not sure why, but the model reminds me a bit of Nova from StarCraft
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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby mechamaiden » Wed Oct 31, 2018 11:45 am

I was recently into the Atelier series for the past few months and unexpectedly found some interesting characters. In the Dusk trilogy of the Atelier games, it was shown that there are automatons, which the only ones shown or known to exist are females, that were made through ancient alchemy and machinery. There are only two shown in the trilogy, which are Odelia, a now-bored librarian of an ancient library in Atelier Ayesha and also Atelier Shallie, and Clone, the surrogate mother of Escha in Atelier Escha & Logy, who later plays an important role in the main story.

Semi-related notes: Odelia is available as a DLC character in Ayesha. Also, Escha & Logy has an anime adaptation.

Here is some fanart of them.



This one is a bit of a stretch but in the Mysterious trilogy, there's Plachta, a mysterious soul residing on a book who lost her memories, who was an important partner and eventually got her soul transferred to a human-sized doll body until in the last game in the trilogy. The nature of the body was consistently joked twice within the trilogy (AFAIK since I haven't played Atelier Sophie) with the second game having a dirty joke where the protag hears her moaning while having her body maintained and the third game where the protags mistook her dismantled body for a murder case.

Plachta (doll body):

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Re: Videogame finds.

Postby mechamaiden » Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:58 am

I found another one. This time in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Although this one needs an explanation.

In Fatal Bullet, the story takes placement in a VRMMO called Gun Gale Online. In that game's world, there are these very advanced androids called Arfa-Sys, which are the NPCs that accomodates "players" and luckily for the most of us, all of the ones shown in the story and hub worlds are all females.

The player character later finds a Type-X Arfa-Sys, which is a rare and even more advanced android that is indistinguishable from a person. The Type-Xs are very rare and only given to players who find them.

The Arfa-Sys you found will be your partner for the entire story and they can be customized. You can choose either male or female but regardless of choice, it will act as a young girl, so... there's that. A problem of the game's story is that it was advertised that your choices matter when it doesn't, aside from the true ending, like how everyone acts like you're a guy even if you choose to be a girl.

During the story, you will meet Zeliska, a high-ranking player who has a loyal Type-X named Daisy, who she treats like a younger sister. There is also a series of DLCs that have an arcing story about rogue Arfa-Sys that mysteriously copies players past selves attacking players as well as !!SPOILER WARNING!! a tan-skinned Arfa-Sys name Lievre.

Not much is shown on how robotic they are. No malfunctions, no damage and not even much robo-speak. The only time that your Arfa-Sys acts like a robot though is in the beginning with her monotone voice before it registers you as its master. You can also give it a name but it'll be nicknamed as Rei with everyone else a few moments later. Another close thing is on the DLC with Lievre freezing.

A slight mention with one of the sub-events with Philia, an ally and friend, meeting with a robot that copied her appearance which triggered her PTSD from remembering a traumatic experience of meeting a duplicate and having her existence nearly disappeared which can cause her death. Not much can be noted here though since the scene is handled in an awkward Visual Novel style but instead of portraits, its the 3d models just standing with a static background. Plus, the robot copy is handled VERY quickly.

If someone is willing to post screenshots of the game, I do recommend using the standard female Arfa-Sys design if possible since it was used in promotional trailers and artworks along with the standard male player character.


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