GIGA super-heroine films

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GIGA super-heroine films

Postby lcy2007a » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:33 pm


Don't know if anyone posted this before. GIGA is a company which publishes films with super-heroines in it. Some of them are humanoids or cyborgs.
And in some films there are some exciting repair or destroy scenarios, like these:

The official site is: version) version)

And we can downloads some of them here:
This topic is still updated and we can search the film we want by id or name.

Here are some films i like best:
Doll Milaider series: ZOR-01, ZOR-02, ZOR-03
Iron Doll Milaider XR: GHOR-11
Galdar Suppression: TSWN-040
Mechanized Human - Boseider: GPTM-05
The Operation Of Mechanizing A Heroine - Project Blender 1: GGTB-07

Have fun!

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