Black mirror?

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Re: Black mirror?

Postby tdlsn » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:46 am

I happen to agree with Mirage's observation above. Many a hetero males' fantasy for a fully functional fembot for companionship/sex is generally looked upon negatively which is why so far there has been a least two feature length films;one a comedy the other a sci-fi drama involving a female and a male droid and none with a fembot.

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Re: Black mirror?

Postby cyberdude » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:51 am

Pardon me for reviving an old thread.
The fourth season of Black Mirror was recently released. I admit, I haven't watch all of the episodes yet (S1, first few of S2, 1st and last of S4), but it seems that a recurring theme is uploading minds or consciousness. Particularly in the episodes I've watched recently, which was the first and last of S4.
In S4E1, a guy has a copy of the people he knows in his computer, which he uses to live his Trekkie fantasies (where he has godlike powers in the world he made but he didn't turn the uncooperative girl into a fembot). S4E6 started with something else, then moved to the issue of transferring mind A to the inactive regions of brain B. Then the mind was moved again into a plush toy (another missed opportunity).
With that said, I feel that Ehy's stories, the Courtesy Suites universe, would be a great thing to explore in that media. "Choices", for example, has a woman "donate" a copy of her mind. The story then shifts to the experiences of the mind in a robot body. "Market Test" touches the issue of a "donated" mind unwilling to take orders, seemingly forced to donate, or was stolen.
I really feel that these stories are within the realm of the issues that Black Mirror touches on. If someone have any connections or ways to contact the people involved, feel free to pitch the ideas.


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