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Thurosis Commission Corner

Postby T-elos/Thurosis » Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:55 pm

Hi everybody,

As the Title says, here is my Commission Corner =)

"commission" what's that? Like Nathan explained in his "Commission Info"

Basically, you want a custom picture made. If you pay me, I will make it for you. Prices vary depending on what you would like drawn.

Which medium i use to draw:

- traditional pencil drawings
- digital inking
- digital coloration

What i could draw for you:

- Character Designs*
- Mecha Designs*
- Comic page(s) /Manga page(s)*²
- Illustration*
- Hentai & Ecchi*

* Examples how it could look like scroll down or visit
*² different prize

Stuff what i don't draw:
- Underage stuff
- Vampires (because i just hate vampire stuff like twillight)

Prizes for Designs or Illustration:

Sketching 5$
Pencil Art (+ Inking): 15$ or more (depends if you want hardcore realistic details)
Coloring (digital) +10$

Prize for a Manga/Comic Page:

indiviual prize, this will be discussed via PM


I'm sorry for the inconvenient but only through paypal


Sketching:(example for 5$)

Quality of pencil art: (example for 15$)

(this is still within 15$)

Line arts would look like in this quality:

Quality of digital coloring: (25$ togeter with pencil and lineart)

I didn't draw Hentai stuff until now but it won't be too difficult to do it
Here an example for ecchi (as a manga)

If anyone have interests:
- just write me a pm here at Fembot Central
- write me a note at
- or a an E-mail to
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