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Postby XXXMultimedia » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:04 am

Hey everyone! I've been making a lot of updates to so thought I'd start a thread.

Currently I'm working on migrating our trailers to the new system (again).

Other Changes
- I made some layout changes to improve navigation
- Re-categorized everything the best that I could. I still want to comb over it more for anything I may have missed.
- Added reccommended products to the video pages.
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Re: Updates

Postby XXXMultimedia » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:13 pm

Video-on-Demand and Memberships
We just launched our membership and streaming service. You can rent all our videos for 3 days with our $4.95 trial offer or become a member for $24.99/mo. I encourage you to give us a try and see if you like it, I'd appreciate some feedback to improve the site more.

You'll gain access to our whole HD library of fetish videos (Everything we've added so far. ~320 Clips Currently). Including our fembot and ASFR collection.
There's also big discounts on longer membership plans.

I took extra care to design the interface for mobile users. Everything from the images to the vod streams are set up to be as fast as possible -- I hope you guys enjoy it. We have a network of streaming servers around the globe to distribute the load across our servers. You'll connect to the geographically closest VOD server to your location when you open a stream.

Early Access/Exclusives
We now have special videos that are released once the editing is complete. They're labeled as "Early Access" on our site. Member's can stream the full video while our studio works on the rest of the promo material such as trailers, descriptions, etc. Historically you'd have to wait for us to have all finished before the clip is released to the public.



Our Roadmap
- There's still a lot of work to be done. We're still replacing the old animated GIFs to reduce data usage for mobile users.
- We also need to invest $500-1000 in new hard drives to overhaul our infrastructure.
- We need another $250 for additional upgrades.
- We will be developing a true VOD system to allow streaming individual clips for dirt cheap -- on demand.

What else?
What I really like is the full videos show up in the same spot as the trailers do. So you can use our search engine and filters the same way as you do while logged out.
I've got a few things in mind for making browsing a little more seamless -- I'll announce those features when they're launched.
Overall the site has a nice experience once you log into your account and browse -- it's easy to find what you're looking for. I made sure to made the categorization as accurate as possible.
- I fixed a bug that was causing a problem when selecting 2 models at once when you're looking at the list of clips.
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Re: Updates

Postby XXXMultimedia » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:21 pm

Another update for ya'll.


So last week we launched our VIP membership program for subscribers. The technology and code that went into this system is great. We are very confident in this new service offering β€” and our subscribers love it!

Bug Report
That being said we did come across a small bug in the configuration. Members can access our site from several domain names β€” not just For instance, also points to our site.

The Problem
Users which sign up for our VIP membership plan will not be rebilled on their rebill date β€” and will have their subscription suspended once their trial or current billing cycle ends.

How to Fix
Users should sign up for our VIP membership service directly from to avoid this issue.
Manually extend/renew your subscription if you prefer to use our other domain names.

The Plan
We will be addressing this issue throughout the week until we find an adequate, long-term solution. We will roll-out a patch this week and update the blog again once it’s fixed. Until then please use the fixes detailed earlier in this post.

Thank you for your cooperation
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Re: Updates

Postby jknight_2000 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:55 pm

I only have one question, when I go to your site ... I noticed that not all of the XXXMultimedia library that is on other sites IS NOT available there. Is that intentional or what.

Example : none of the Carmen Valentina robot vids are on the XXXMultimedia site. Neither is the original Fifi Foxx Perfect Robot Girlfriend video.

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