Sofia500 More Human

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Sofia500 More Human

Postby Robo1 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:02 pm

By Request-

Sofia500 Has her battery packs, tightly packed in Where her massive breasts are. Her husband, the creator of Sofia500 has improved and updated her to where Sofia500 comes across as more human and sensual. She is now able to dress herself at home without her husband having to dress her himself everytime. Sofia500 shows each item of clothing one at a time, and asks her husband joyfully, "how did you know I will love this?" He programmed her to like what he likes. Her programming is more advance in the way that she can now feel sensations. She dresses herself talking about how she just loves each item of clothing. Then she glitches, and speaks in a monotone voice, and puts on two different shoes that don't match, and slips back into her sensual behavior. She glitches again speaks in monotone, and gets on her hands and knees on the couch, and glitches at the same same time. In her monotone voice, as she rocks forward and backward, she says that her sensors are not able to detect her husband from behind her. She continues to malfunction. She stops rocking and sits up, and repeatedly says, "Hi honey your home!" But he is not there. Sofia500 malfunctions again saying in a monotone voice, "I am sexy," repeatedly. She continues to put on clothes the wrong way. She puts on a top over her legs, then puts on a pair of shorts on top of her head speaking in a monotone voice. "Oh hi honey! You're home!" She malfunctions then says it is time to remove the clothing. She removes what she put on, then breaks down completely to a halt.
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