New!! Sad Sex Doll Divine- MY dreamgirl fembot creation

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New!! Sad Sex Doll Divine- MY dreamgirl fembot creation

Postby Ani Erotika » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:05 pm

So, this is a whole different spin on things. I have made quite a few robot / fembot / sex doll videos at this point and have gotten to get in touch with it a bit. I have learned so many different people's kinks and particular likes/loves. Have been commissioned to make various custom videos to an individual's tastes in particular, and have made many videos with ideas/feedback/visions/stories shared with me by many. Some have come pretty much from my own mind. A blend of many things have gone into the robo path i have thus far walked upon. This time, I have decided to try a whole new approach. <3 I have created my own fembot creation geared towards what I think is hot. If I were to order a custom this would be one kind I would really go for. There are a few different things I find the hottest, and a few scenarios that cream my Twinkie most... this being one of them. Though it never states it in the video, the fembot in this feature's name is DIVeena. This lonely and sad sex doll is so lovely to me. So gentle and soft, sweet, sad. She is truly beautiful and the kind of fembot sex doll etc that I would pay trillions for. She is..... my type of gorgeous. Her character pulls at many different things inside me. She is hot. The theme of the video is simple. She is left alone constantly by her owner for ages and ages whilst he is away living life. He is rich, has it all. He gives her no thought when away. Could care less if she malfunctions or turns to rust or dust. She sits in the room of one of his many vacation get away spots, and waits for him. She does not go anywhere, she stays and waits his return. She has emotions and is extremely lonely and underestimated. Existence is lack lustre. She knows 'life' should not be this way. She has no friends other than her stuffed animals, which she confides in. She starts to malfunction and power down, because her owner is not there to help her with maintenance. In my own view/opinion, if a fembot so advanced were to malfunction it would be much more like in this video than in my other vids. A lot less flop-like-a-fish like. A calmer more smooth glitch out. DIVeena is very odd to watch, as I think a fembot would truly be if you watched her alone to her own devices. I think they would be very odd indeed. Also, i believe and studies by professionals found that neuron networks of artificial intelligence literally 'dream' for lack of a better word. Look it up, it is proven. When left alone a neuro network's circuits continue to fire, often in interestingly unique sequences just like the neuro network of the human brain when it slumbers. So when she malfunctions and powers down needing to charge her battery sources she would very likely have flashes of images and such fire off in her charging 's-l-e-e-p mode' state. So when DIVeena powers down and needs to self re-charge there is a dream sequence added with visual/special effects. <3<3<3 NOTICE and DISCLAIMER - This is my fantasy fembot. One of my own customised kinks and likes in a blend I quite enjoy and find extremely hot, erotic, haunting, touching, thought provoking, etc. To some, this video will offer nothing. It is a very chill video, mellow with a pace like poured honey or syrup. It is not filthy or naughty. There is no sex scene bs contained within it. It is in my opinion a very sensual creation, and the character is the type that fascinates me. I could observe her for hours. She is so pretty and mystifying to me. Just know this is my ultimate fembot custom, and I have no clue who will or will not like it. Just letting folks know what it is straight up so no one can say I falsely advertised it as something it isn't. Its hot. If you are open minded, give it a chance. Selling for an extremely inexpensive price because of all this and also because I want people to check it out and tell me what they think. I really hope some folks give it a chance. I think some will be intrigued and quite enjoy it. For those who do not enjoy it, apologies in advance lol I think its super sexy personally lol. Enjoy yall and please share your feedback/reviews/thoughts etc. <3<3<3 #robo #robot #fembot #gynoid #synthetic #doll #sex-doll #living-doll #doll-fetish #pigtails #curls #curly-hair #black-hair #short-hair #lips #lipstick-fetish #big-tits #tu-tu #tutu #knee-high-socks #knee-highs #socks #sock-fetish #big-boobs #ass #nice-ass #booty #stuffed-toys #adult-theatre #role-play #unique #character #director #self-made #anierotika #ani-erotika #anizkorner #solo-female #female-desperation #ddlg #daddys-girl #cleavage #legs #thighs #barefeet #feet #foot-fetish #acting #performance #sad #soft #soft-skin #soft-voice #brown-eyes #all-natural #haunting #mysterious #gentle #lovely #sweet #pretty #curvy #hourglass #hour-glass #kink #sensual #ribbon #special-effects #malfunction #power-down #power-drain #glitch #mind-fuck #dream #fantasy #fantasies #robotic-movement #dreamgirl #dream-girl
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Re: New!! Sad Sex Doll Divine- MY dreamgirl fembot creation

Postby Stephaniebot » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:49 am

Its certainly a very clever concept, and I'm certainly impressed by the 30 second sample, I must say. Seems like its well thought out, and well put together too. Hope it sells well for you, Ani
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Re: New!! Sad Sex Doll Divine- MY dreamgirl fembot creation

Postby Sweet Delilah » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:35 am

There's so much in the world of Fembots that can be explored. I love this. I hope it sells well, too!

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