Robo Silver Face Sofia Staks

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Robo Silver Face Sofia Staks

Postby Robo1 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:59 pm

I just finished and uploaded a new Robo Silver Face Sofia Staks video.

Robo Silver Face Sofia Staks, Starts out her dialogue telling about her blueberry flavored refurbished pussy, malfunctioning from the beginning, Her voice is monotone throughout the video. She tells us that her husband built her from head to toe. She says that she has to cook her husband dinner before he comes home. Robo Sofia says she has to set up the stove, when it is actually a ironing board. Then she gets three pans and puts them on top of the ironing board, thinking it is a stove top. She shows how she puts a can of peas on one pan, meat in a pan and sliced potatoes in the last pan. That food does not exist. She cooks up dinner, then when she is done she takes the pans and piles them up on one another and moves them to a shelf. Then she puts the stove top away, but it's really the ironing board. She talks more about her refurbished pussy, and how her tits are battery packs. She mechanically walks over to the couch and sits down and extends her arms as if to hug her husband, but he is not there. She stands up to go answer a door that did not ring. She walks down the hallway to open the door, and shuts it to greet her husband, who is not there. She tells us that you can see him behind her. She tells her husband to follow her. She tells us that her husband is a leg and ass man. Then she starts to break down in total malfunction, and is bent over, and she says, 'help' and that she cannot get up. Unable to stand up straight, she stays stuck bent over, and stops working.

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Re: Robo Silver Face Sofia Staks

Postby RI_BOT » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:23 pm

I just bought this one, it was great she hit every mark that turns me on to robots. Check it out!

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