Sofia500 SilverFace

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Sofia500 SilverFace

Postby Robo1 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:58 am

I just finished shooting this new video, and uploaded it right away...
This is a RoboSofia500 video, where when she faces away from the camera her behavior is very human and sensual. When she slowly turns around, you'll see a silver faced Sofia500 and very mechanical movement. Sofia talks about her refurbished pussy, and her new huge breasts! She is cleaning house when her husband comes home. She vacuums the carpet (without the vacuum cleaner) and re-arranges pillows from the couch that land on the floor. She malfunctions when she cannot tell the difference between the couch and the floor, and talks about about how the pillows match so well with the carpet. She repeats herself talking about her refurbished pussy and her huge new breasts. She continues to move mechanically until she can move or talk anymore.

Thank you, Sofia

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