Hypno Robot Freeze

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Hypno Robot Freeze

Postby EvangelinevonWinter » Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:59 am

This clip is 37 minutes long and is currently being sold at discount.

Pick it up now before it goes back to its full price. Its also a custom. If you want your own freeze custom with jamie please write to me at:

Jamie daniels is frozen solid until an off screen voice tells her to wakeup.

She awakens from her frozen slumber to react normally as if nothing has happened.

The voice then tells her to freeze and she does so.

He then poses and manipulates her frozen limbs.

Then he commands her to be a robot and walk around in a stiff manner.

Then he changes her clothes and repeats all of it.

After awhile jamie gets tired of being asked about her mesmorization and starts to get angry but Levi then freezes her again.

He then strips her naked awaiting for future play



If you have an issue that needs resolving right away contact Levi via twitter. its the 100% quickest way to get our attention.

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