Sofia5000 From human to Robot malfunction

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Sofia5000 From human to Robot malfunction

Postby Robo1 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:28 pm

I just uploaded a new video here-
Robot Fembot Malfunction
From: Sofia Staks Big Tits POV! (63 Clips)

by Request- Sofia500 get's all refurbished and fixed up nicely by her Husband. Sofia500 prepares a nice quiet sexy evening at home for her husband. She shows off how nice she looks since the refurbish her. She expresses how happy she is that she is functional again. She offers her husband some wine, and she has some herself that goes through her piping and filters into her refurbished pussy. She explains how it works, and how there is an oil feeling, not greasy feel to the oil. As Sofia500 talks sexy to her husband, she begins to have little glitches, and snaps back into human mode. She talks about the wine, and how she prepared a nice meal for her husband at home and that it is for him because she does not feel hunger, but she can drink the wine, because her piping was made to allow it to become an oil. She continues to talk to her husband, and goes into full malfunction mode, and for a moment skips into human mode, and dives into full malfunction mode. She begins to suck on a toy that somewhat resembles her husbands member. As she lifts up the toy, she asks what had happen to the rest of him. She malfunctions as she she tried to lick it with her tongue, and her coordination goes way off. Then she gets stuck and tries to speak but her speech is is stuck. Then she slowly breaks down, until she cannot function anymore.

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