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I would consider my ideal fembot...

a companion
a toy
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Postby keraptis » Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:25 am

droidlvr wrote:Can't believe myself for commenting on this thread,but I can't understand how anyone can say that they'd want to relate to a fembot completely as they would a living thing.

Hang on, I think it's actually very easy to understand why. It may not be what attracts you to ASFR, but nonetheless this thread and many others have proven the very broad spectrum of people and interests here. (Which is a good thing.)

To take the specific statement I've quoted above, let's break it down a bit. I think most (all?) on this board would agree that when watching a movie or TV show with alleged fembot content, it's a complete waste when the audience is told "this character is really a robot" but the actress does nothing at all to distinguish herself from a normal person. That maybe part of what you're getting at, but it's sort of tangential to this thread.

Back on topic, it's another thing entirely to imagine having a real fembot in your life and deciding that in fact you would like her to behave just like a real person. Though I've been clear many times that this isn't my particular fantasy, nonetheless I'll take a pass at defending and explaining why it would be appealing.

For one thing, no matter how much this group loves seeing malfunctions depicted in fiction and artwork, I would expect having a real fembot in your life who doesn't work properly would become old REALLY FAST. To use your phrase, "I can't understand how anyone can say" that they'd really want a fembot whose arm or leg or chest could explode into a twisted mass of melted wires for no particular reason and at any time -- though most likely during sex, when the danger to others is greatest -- even though that might make for a great fantasy in a story.

For another, while for some the whole point of a fembot is to have an object / toy you can control, that is not necessarily true for everyone and I can guarantee it wouldn't be true in most cases if companion robots ever became a mainstream part of our culture. Let me put it to you this way ... and as I think of this, it occurs to me that this might be one of those lightbulb-going-off major insight moments. (Or it could be a load of crap ... you be the judge.)

OK, drum roll ...

We've talked at length about how a fembot can give her owner a feeling of control that he would not otherwise enjoy in a human relationship ... but what we're missing is that the same is true for the feeling of trust a fembot can give her owner.

How much the concepts of control and trust intersect or overlap in a particular relationship would be dependent not only on the nature of the owner and his intentions for the fembot, but also on the fembot's capabilities. (In other words, the degree to which one can "trust" a fembot is directly tied to how capable her hypothetical AI is.) But nonetheless, even the most rudimentary fembot can in theory be "trusted" not to betray her owner, which (if I may play amateur psychologist for a moment) is very much part of why some people need to feel control in the first place. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a definite correlation within this group between wanting a fembot to control (or even abuse, which is just control taken to the extreme) and being frustrated, cynical or just plain fearful regarding human relationships.

Anyway, to illustrate my point with an example, imagine that fembots really exist and that you could buy one and take it home. Now imagine that the company you're buying from offers a fembot that comes pre-programmed with various customizations -- everything from appearance to basic personality and even skills -- but that once the "on" switch is flipped, is designed to behave like an autonomous person over whom you don't have direct control. In an emergency of course you can shut her off, or bring her in to be reprogrammed, but other than that she does her own thing fairly autonomously, within the bounds of the pre-programming. The only "control" you have would be the initial parameters: in other words, you can program her such that she will always love you, and never betray you, plus over time she would be programmed to adapt and learn so that she'll be better and better at pleasing you ... but she would always be capable of surprising you because she didn't get every last bit of her code from your (inevitably limited) imagination.

It's easy (for me at least) to imagine an owner who would want such a product. In fact, for those of you who remember the Schwarzenegger movie "Total Recall," that's actually pretty much exactly the product he bought at the start of the film, except it was done with memory implants instead of robots. He was hoping to pay someone who would give him an adventure with a beautiful woman, with a guaranteed positive (exciting, fun) outcome, and though he wanted to set up some basic parameters for what the woman would look like and what sort of personality she would have ("sleazy and demure" ... remember? plus it was a given that she would be his friend and lover), he did NOT want to control her every action, any more than he wanted to control the script of the adventure itself.

And I won't even elaborate on the very real fact that if such a product existed, there would be a HUGE market among people who had lost a loved one and wished to replace her with a robot that could create the illusion of really being her.

I guess in summary my feeling about this whole thread is while I certainly understand the appeal of having a fembot who behaves like a "toy," I think many of us are overestimating how long such a toy could really sustain our interest. For me a fembot that didn't always have something new for me to discover would be colossally boring.
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Postby Mirage » Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:53 am

I agree with keraptis on his many points.

I see it more direct even,

Some would like a companion, affection, friendship, even a relationship if possible


some rather have a tool for sex instead, a computer the shape of human who can fuck.

romance VS sex


The romantic fool, Mirage :wink:

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Postby keraptis » Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:09 am

I'm a little surprised this thread has gone quiet over the last few days. I guess I was hoping to promote more discussion, not squash it. :?

Was it something I said? :oops:

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Postby ehy » Tue Sep 06, 2005 12:30 pm

Nah. I think those who had something to say said it, and those who didn't have anything to say... didn't.

And those who had something to say but were too chicken to say it didn't either.

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Postby CherryKiss » Tue Sep 06, 2005 1:53 pm

well, as long as someone has given this a bump, and I'm still hanging around waiting to see if my old long lost friend will maybe talk to me.... might as well offer my own opinion here :)

To begin, as far as the fembot fetish is concerned... I feel a little sorrow for those with the fetish. Because, in real life, it is not obtainable :( not yet... perhaps not ever... That said, the closest, most intimate place for me to touch unreachable fantasies is online, and it is online that I've experienced all the robot fetish play I have.

To continue, that means, on the other side of the computer screen, there is a living, thinking, feeling person, and I would never want to treat that person as nothing more than a toy. A toy for a scene, sure, but afterward, we are equals again. In that sense, I would choose "companion" because the only "real" fembots I know are all online ;)

However, I assumed the poll meant, "what if a fembot was available, in real life?" If that were the case, then the bot would be a bot.... no human mind inside... indeed I would not want her programmed with a real mind or real feelings, and I would want her to be a toy.. a fun, sexy toy. I would continue to find my companionship with other people.

If fembots ever come into being, I think they would almost certainly be toys, long before they ever even hinted at being companions, if they ever developed to the point of human intelligence at all.

I would really hope for a fembot who could express pleasure and pain, disappointment and hope... and I wouldn't mind a few switches to turn off one feeling or another, for a time as it suited me ;) a disappointed fembot, after all, would make me very sad, unless I was able to dispell that disappointment quickly.

Have I rambled enough yet? yes, I think so ;) be well!

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Postby Disthron » Sat Oct 08, 2005 11:05 pm

First of all I'd just like to say hello to every one. As this is the first time I have posted hear.

Any way back on topic. In a compatition between...

romance VS sex : Mirage

I choos romance every time. Also, romance can often lead to sex but straght up sex dusn't nesaseraly lead to romance. Don't get me wrong, sex if fun but I'd mutch rather have a companion who can shear my feelings for her.

In my fantesys the robots are pritty mutch like people. Thay have hopes and asperations like every one and the main way to tell them from a human (if thay havent been damaged in some way) are the diferances in behavior. Thay don't have "human minds" becouse there not human. However thay are centiant and thay do have emotions. I'm of the school that all centiant beings think alike, to a sertin extent.

Some might think it a little pointless but my fantasy fembot would still have to be convinced that I wasn't just another human ass trying to controll her.

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Postby Brytestar » Sun Oct 09, 2005 10:57 am

I went with companion. The toy part would clearly be secondary. I just think that companion would fit my stories better.

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Postby fection » Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:32 am

So, to anyone who wants a gynoid as a companion - why a gynoid? Why not a 'real' woman? Is it the potentail for undying devotion? Being certain that she will not 'betray' you? Finding out how a different kind of intelligence works? Or is a gynoid just sexier?

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Postby keraptis » Mon Oct 10, 2005 3:52 pm

fection wrote:So, to anyone who wants a gynoid as a companion - why a gynoid? Why not a 'real' woman? Is it the potentail for undying devotion? Being certain that she will not 'betray' you? Finding out how a different kind of intelligence works? Or is a gynoid just sexier?

Well, as I said in my long post above, I think there is a fine line between "control" and "trust" fantasies, and a lot of overlap. I also think the line between "companion" and "toy" is a lot blurrier than it may seem at first.

Imagine for a moment that you got yourself a gynoid thinking "this is just a toy." You immediately have two choices to make that we haven't discussed at all. Do you ever take the gynoid out of the house and include her in social situations? And do you tell anyone she's a robot?

There are four possible answers:
(1) Don't take her out, and don't tell anyone: In this scenario, she really is just a toy, and a secret part of your life at that. You might be missing out on some exciting possibilities, but at least you're true to your word to yourself.

(2) Don't take her out, but tell people about her: This one's weird. You are basically admitting publicly that you've invested in what amounts to a cutting-edge blow-up doll (and thus subjected yourself to whatever abuse your friends decide to heap upon you).

(3) Take her out, but don't tell anyone: This is a very intriguing possibility and it's exactly where I feel the line gets blurry between "toy" and "companion." It's definitely possible that you still think of her as a toy -- but perhaps a toy whose value is augmented by the fact that you get to be seen in public with what appears to be a gorgeous, devoted woman. Maybe you use your toy to enhance your rep and get a real woman. But if you don't -- if you continue to spend time out with the gynoid -- you are at a minimum pretending to be in a relationship with the robot, and it could be a pretty slippery slope to treating the robot like a genuine companion.

(4) Take her out, and tell people: I'm not just talking about showing her off at a robotics expo or some other purely scientific / academic context. I'm talking about taking her out socially, and making it clear that you have considered (and enjoyed) her sexual potential. This is the gutsiest move of all ... and IMHO, at this point you had better treat her like a companion, or you might find people reacting very poorly to you for all sorts of reasons.

There is probably a good story idea or two in these musings but it's just food for thought. I should point out that all of my scenarios above assume that gynoids are extremely rare and/or brand new -- in a future world where robots are commonplace, probably most of what I said above wouldn't apply.

In summary I think that if she's "just a toy" then discretion probably requires that you keep her a secret. Which I think would be a very hard thing to do if you were really as excited as I imagine we'd all be.

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Postby fection » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:39 am

I think we might be talking at cross purposes a little... I guess I was asking; if someone wants companionship, what makes a gynoid any better than a real person? Real people actually exist at the moment, so that's an attainable thing...
I wonder how much of our sexual desire stems from what we DON'T have. And then I wonder how satisfying it would be to actually have a fantasy fulfilled (not as an acted-out fantasy, but as actual reality). A fantasy is perfect, but reality never is (in my experience!) so I doubt 'owning' a gynoid either as a 'toy' or a 'companion' would be as satisfying as I can imagine.
Once again, that's not to say I wouldn't be curious if the opportunity arose...


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