Research project: Looking for real-life animatronic details

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Research project: Looking for real-life animatronic details

Postby WilloWisp » Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:30 pm

Specifically, I'm looking for any kind of reference material similar to this:

Not necessarily fembots specifically, but imagery showing robotic mechanisms for mimicking humanoid facial expressions. Preferably animated imagery. I promise I've tried, and I'm not completely inept at search engine usage. It's just that most of the search results are:

* The image linked above (or the TechCrunch article it was taken from)
* Garner Holt's Abraham Lincoln
* Cog
* Kismet
* The thing from Daft Punk's Technologic music video
* A bunch of Five Nights at Freddy's fanart, much of which i wish I could unsee

Out of those, the Avatar one is the most informative for my purposes.

I know this runs close to being off topic. For what it's worth, the Avatar character is female. I just figured our kind had a higher-than-average interest in animatronics in general, so might have a better idea where to look for what I'm trying to find.

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Re: Research project: Looking for real-life animatronic deta

Postby Saya » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:26 am

My recommendation would be to narrow your search to theme park animatronics, specifically anything related to Disney theme parks or the works of their Imagineers, since those are probably the most advanced. If you can, try looking up specific attractions at specific parks rather than trying to do any sort of broad keyword search. You're more likely to narrow search images down and less likely to run into things like FNAF art.

Another alternative is looking up animatronics used for movies as practical effects, rather than theme parks if that still triggers the search engine to throw FNAF porn at you. It's not as popular as it once was, but movie practical effects use similar technology for mechanical face masks, characters and the like. A good suggestion would be to try and look up behind the scenes stuff for Star Wars, since that series has made heavy use of such practical effects in the past.
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