Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

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How do you feel about fembots and incest

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Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby Kishin » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:21 pm

I know most of us don't care for incest stories, and I include myself in that.

But I came across an incest fembot story that actually punched my buttons despite the subject matter.

This got me thinking and so I wanted to ask the community: Is it still incest if its a robot? Does it still bug you that it looks like a family member?

There is of course the old "It's the new Stepmom who happens to be a hot fembot" trope, and I think that one's mostly safe-ish.
Then it gets into icky territory, is it okay to pork mom because she's actually a robot and has the body of a 20 something? Howabout sis?
Does it make it better that you can pull their faceplate off and remove any sense of identity from her, or change a chip or two, or re-skin the whole unit?
How far do you need to go before it's okay?

So my curiosity is at what point it becomes taboo, or does it ever even become taboo at all?

One of the things about wanting a fembot lover is that they can do things humans can't hope to do, and there are things you might even be willing to do with a fembot that you would NEVER do with a human woman. So the idea of a taboo involving a machine that mimics a human in most all ways, does it even exist?

We've seen stories of protagonists who happily have sexytime with mom and daughterbots, but of course it wasn't THEIR mom or sister. And there's a few where the protagonist literally programs a robot to act like a sister in order to have sex with her, or finds out mom was a bot all along and coitus ensues.
How do these things affect us?

The poll is for what you believe is okay, or not okay.
Stepmom is obvious, someone who had no relation except by marriage, as is step-sibling. Mom and sibling are fembots based on blood relations. I could have taken this to a ludicrous degree and asked about grandmotherbot, auntbot, second-cousin-twice-removedbot etc. but I did want to keep this half-way serious.

There's no judgement for this poll, or judgement for the comments on this thread. Please keep it civil and respect everyone's ideas. This isn't meant to shame, or make anyone uncomfortable, but it's a genuine question: is it still "bad" if the person is a machine?

It's not my intention to make anyone feel squeamish or uncomfortable about this, but rather to determine what makes it squeamish or uncomfortable.
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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby TheShoveller » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:30 pm

Personally, I think "step-relations" would be okay, because there never was a clear relation between you and the person they are or were supposed to be. With one based off a real person... I can't shake the fact that your "sister" is designed off your REAL sister, which is just odd to me. Then again, I'm someone who would treat a fembot as a person, lock stock and barrel, so that's not saying much for me.

I've always liked the idea of a step-mombot, if only because mothers seem like this ideal "nice, warm, safe thing," and not all mothers are, sadly, actually nice, safe, warm things. Though that could be that one story from the manga Doll that I keep thinking of, where the kid reads nothing but Santa Claus is Coming to Town and he has a shitbag for a mom.

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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby Svengli » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:22 pm

I have occasionally run across MC incest stories that were OK. But Ok by itself isn't great. The problem with incest it's fans are very into it and so the rest of story is kind perfunctory.

And haven't seen any robot with incest that were interesting. I mean, how can a robot be related to someone anyway. It's a robot.

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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby Saya » Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:42 pm

Seeing as how I wrote a story with this as its basic premise, I should probably throw my hat in the ring, no?

First off, I know this probably sounds like a bit of a looping record for me, but there's a distinction between reality and fantasy. The point of "taboo" for me is when a hypothetical and potentially objectionable scenario becomes something acted upon in real life. And while there are some fetishes that I morally object to and have no interest in, it does not behoove me to pass any judgments on them, either. Stones and glass houses, y'know. Obviously, a lot of us are into things that we would never act on IRL and don't find attractive outside of a technosexual context, and I feel this certainly qualifies.

With that being said, it's (hopefully) no surprise that I object to incest IRL. Its psychologically and physiologically damaging, usually has underlying factors that are signs of a deeply dysfunctional individual or living situation and is dangerous for future generations of the same family line, arguably for the whole of the human race. But I find the idea appealing in the context of fembot fantasy as part a generalized fantasy of objectification (again, not cool IRL).

It's less "oh gee mom's hot I'm gonna' fuck her" and more "oh gee mom's a fembot this means I can do whatever". A big part of the eroticism for me is that sudden, or perhaps gradual change from being mom or sister into gynoid or fembot, and personally, being the fembot in this situation is the most appealing to me. It also happens to apply to non-incestual relationships, too, like if someone discovers that a roommate is an android, or a husband decides that they want to start treating wifebot more like a 'bot instead of a wife. Suddenly the dynamics get changed or flipped and it becomes an exciting exploration of a new relationship, or at least a new reality. I feel, at least, it's just a different variation of that. So the incest part for me is, largely, part of the set-up.
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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby Stephaniebot » Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:13 am

As someone pointed out, strictly, unless you're a robot from the same batch, you cant be related to a fembot. On the other hand, if its your sister, or mother, or any other relation that you've grown up with for years, assuming them to be human, the relationship model would be different.

I dont get the fascination with incest, let me say, of any kind. As someone said, it seems to appeal to a number of MC writers (some way too much!), but I either tend to pass on them, skim past any sex stuff, or wince at it, depending how good the rest of the story has been. I have slightly less issues with ff stuff, than anything involving a man, but even then I tend to try and forget they're related, in truth.
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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby Extyr » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:04 pm

Despite commissioning that mombot series of pictures, I'm no fan of incest, even in fiction. It was just for the really sexy milfbot. I guess I could tolerate step sisters and mother, but not if they've been living together for years like a real family.

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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby liliwinnt6 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:51 pm

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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby tectile » Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:01 pm

I voted that it's all OK.
If it's a bot that looks like your mom/sibling then it's a bot and not to be confused with a human family member.
I've posted some links to stories and videos that deal with this subject too.
That being said, It's just not something I'm interested in ever doing.
I guess the best way to express how I feel about the subject is this.
I have a close relative who is a very attractive lady. She's smart, sometimes funny and has a great kind heart.
The idea of having sex with a robot duplicate of her just would never be on the table. Not because it's taboo, it just would never happen. My gut and brain agree that it's not something I would even consider.

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Re: Fembots, Mombots, and what's not okay bots.

Postby SneezerWeezer1337 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:41 pm

I for one find the idea of a robot clone of mom to be my most favorite scenario ever. Period. It's my number one fantasy. Keep in mind, I have no real attraction to my real life mom as a human. But mom as a fembot? That's a different story. That said, this all is fantasy and fiction. If you don't want to read the incest stories, nothing is stopping you from not reading them. It's not like they are flooding this website anyways. In fact, I'd love to see more on here. And no, I would never fuck any of my relatives in real life. Incest in real life would lead to a whole host of problems. But feeding that fantasy of mine through erotica and manips and whatnot is a way to explore the ideas and feelings associated with it. Hopefully I'm not in the minority here but I wanted to speak out because, like I said, a mombot is the hottest thing ever to me.

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