The core nature of your interest...?

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The core nature of your interest...?

Postby spider_silk_skin » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:40 pm

I know there is a lot of variety within this fetish. Some people machines that are simply human-shaped, others prefer the robotic nature to be hidden beneath an exterior that is indistinguishable from an actual person. There is transformation versus built. Then there are the mental aspects. Is the robot a free-thinking machine, or does it simply emulate a person? Does it have robotic behavior or voice? Is that on purpose because it betrays it's nature, or just a result of it's design in being an artificial person? Does the machine have special features? Vibrating fingers for instance?

But my question, or rather, proposed topic of discussion isn't about the specific behaviors or visual aspects of the fetish that we have interest in, but a more interesting underlying question. Are you attracted to *actual* fembots or the *idea* of a fembot. What I mean is, there are aspects of the fetish that are certainly fantastical. Transformation for instance. Sure, something like that might be possible in 100 years, but for the foreseeable future, this is purely in the realm of "fantasy" as it applies to today. If the big draw to the fetish for you is taking a real woman and making her become a machine, then the closest you can get to that would be to find a partner that enjoys role play. If the idea of a built machine is what draws your interest then that is possible, even today. For a few thousand dollars, anyone can have a fairly simplistic "fembot." Obviously there are limits based on technology, but it is a thing that *could* happen.

I guess I'll use my interests as an example to get the conversation going. I enjoy a lot of "real" elements to the fetish as well as "fantasy" elements. I like almost exclusively intelligent robots. Even if the robot is intended to be obedient and programmable, that robot simply accepts that it is supposed to be an obedient and programmable and enjoys having someone else calling the shots. The idea of a robot that has no real intelligence behind it is just a sophisticated sex toy and I don't have much interest in that. Now the idea of an intelligent robot being *used* as nothing but a sex toy (ie, humiliation) is interesting. I like built robots, because the idea is that this robot was always a machine, and was built specifically to do a task is a cool idea. But I also like the idea of transformation. The idea that a woman can be improved or upgraded into her "best self" (which of course would be a machine). I like behaviors: robot speech and movement. I also like robots that can do other things, almost cartoon things: opening panels, extending limbs, hacking into other computers, being super strong and durable, all of that stuff.

So there are some things I like about the fetish that are "real" and quite a bit that is "fantasy." But as I said before, a "real" robot is not an intelligent, feeling being. The kind of robot I am really attracted to doesn't actually exist and likely never would in my life time. It is a complete fantasy in that sense. The idea of what a "real" fembot is, at this point in time, is in no way interesting to me. I see these uncanny-valley Japanese fembots and it might be "eh, that's cute" but then I move on. I would much rather see a real woman pretending to be a robot then a robot pretending to be a woman.

And that's when it sort of hit me. I like the *idea* of the fetish, but not the actualization of the fetish. I like a woman *acting* like a robot, but an actual robot, even a woman shaped one, is a very little interest to me. And I think maybe the idea is that I am, again, attracted to the idea of an intelligent machine almost exclusively. The only intelligent machines that exist are...well...humans. As an example, take some of these actresses that make ASFR content. In one video they might be playing a malfunctioning robot maid. In another video, they might be normal person who is suddenly transformed into a machine. Both are exciting ideas, but what is the common denominator? The woman who is willing to be a robot maid when it's time to be a robot maid, and who is willing to be transformed into a machine when it's time to be transformed into a machine.

So my question to you all, is, what is the fundamental stance that you take on this fetish? Is a woman acting like a robot simply an approximation of your true interest, or is that in itself your true interest? Is it the robot "idea" or "aesthetic" that you desire, or the actual robot itself? Do you actually want a robot (of whatever type suits you) to exist, or would you be more interested with a human partner that would explore these ideas with you? If it is the machine itself that interests you and not the trappings, are you more interested in "real" robots or "fantasy" robots? If you are interested in a "fantasy" robot, what is it like to desire something that doesn't exist, or likely won't? (And this question could be asked for a variety of fetishes like people that are into furries or elves or the blue aliens from Avatar) Are ASFR materials enough to scratch the itch? This is kind of the core discussion/question I have. Because if the machine is really the desire, and not the *idea* of the machine, then isn't most ASFR content...not enough?

I think for me, the truth is, that deep down, even if the types or robots I fantasize about *could* or *did* exist, ultimately I would not be interested. A woman role playing as a robot I think satisfies the vast majority of my interest in the fetish.

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby Stephaniebot » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:50 pm

I think the human to robot transformation will be sooner than that, pretty sure it will be around by 2050, if not slightly before then. No use to me, as I'd be 92 by then, even if I was still alive, which given my health issues, seems unlikely. I have role-played as a robot more than a few times, but yeah, that nasty thing called free will gets in the way of making it perfect! :lol:

But yes, I'm pretty sure that by 2030, built fembots will be way, way ahead of anything we have now, or probably could even imagine. Even then I'll be 72, so don't bank on me being around to be called out on that one either! :P
I'm just a 'girl' who wants to become a fembot whats wrong with that?

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby Froggy99 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:08 pm

Sounds like I'm about the opposite of you...for me it IS the machine wrapped up in a mostly undetectable shell (at least physically) and yeah, it will probably never be more than a fantasy. I think the human form is beautiful and I enjoy my technology looking like that too, but mentally (computationally?) I wouldn't want it to be too advanced to the point it started feeling like a kind of slavery...that's not me. I'm not sure I'd want it to be a whole lot more capable than Siri or Cortana is now (but I would want it to understand the simple words I say!) So while at first glance my "ideal" may appear human, it wouldn't be hard to tell that in fact it was actually just a beautiful machine.

If I were to find myself in some far flung future where robots had become advanced enough to really be indistinguishable from humans unless they just let you know, I don't think it would be different than it is for me today. I'd certainly find the "trait" of being mechanical to be attractive, but there are plenty of traits I find attractive in humans too. I don't think it would be my #1 concern.

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby --Battery-- » Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:51 pm

I like all type of robots.
Even cyborgs count for me,
I see in robot technology a potential new creative tool for the man of the future.
A form of art~ Sculpture 2.0

I think robotics will be a key element for the survival of our species and the incorporation of new materials into nature's physical information systems, the means for a homo deus independently of how dread or grand the transition is.
I am just human and I cant help visualize my type of humans as those things, and I can't help see my things as more perfect if they sport parts that resemble the parts I like in my type of humans.
If you think that sentence was frivolous, wait till ethics and politics need to do something about it~
Artificial intelligence one day will be a racial slur.

But I have a lesbian friend who thinks it is just logical that males eventually became extinct in nature so maybe I am just justifying my damaged psyche.

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby dieur » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:23 am

I've given this question an immense amount of thought, and I still don't think I have a complete answer.

I remember the Fembot Central before this one... no, it was two before. Maybe three? It was just a gallery separated by author. HREF. Spider? Spyder? RX.. others. There were a lot of pictures from there that never made it to the new gallery (and pictures in the new gallery that never made it to the latest one, either!).

Anyway, what I recall most were the stories. There were some at the old gallery, but most the stories were archived at ASFR. They would always start exciting and end with me feeling bad about myself. And I wondered, what would a "good" story be? What was it about the fetish that actually attracted me?

I still don't have a good answer. Near as I can tell, it's a mismash of multiple pieces.
    *While I'm relatively socially well-adapted today, for the longest time I didn't date. I was attracted to women, but never put the time into it really. I ended up putting sexually attractive women on a pedestal (as opposed to the people I dealt with day to day, who were just normal people). A fembot, a sexually attractive woman, being made victim of her own sexuality - like in BA's story where the hacker overloads the lawyer lady with horniness over the wireless network - probably fulfills some subtle desire to turn the tables. I'm repulsed, though, when the robot is destroyed in that story. The goal was to bring an angel to my level, not kill it. Obviously, for this fragment, naturally I don't want this in real life. Even at my most unsocial I never considered attractive women not to be people, and actually claiming power over a woman is the essence of rape. Leave it to stories, with ethical gray areas.

    *Another deeply internalized need is the need to be vulnerable. Publicly I take care of my own affairs and try to be as strong as a man can be. For the longest time, this would include not expressing any sexual attraction either. A man must be self sufficient. A man cannot NEED. Of course, this is hogwash, and privately I loved to imagine myself in private as all kinds of creatures with all kinds of vulnerabilities. Catgirl with erogenous tail, that works! Sorceress who plays a cool game but with big sensitive breasts she can't fully hide? Works for me. And a robot with an exposed control panel? What could be more vulnerable than that.

    The problem with vulnerability, though, is that you're vulnerable. It's only fun when someone doesn't abuse it - bad things happen when you combine that with evil behavior. Thus, thus too has no place in reality. When I read a story where the fembot is taken over, deprogrammed, made into a thing, this pushes away the hidden part of me that enjoys the idea of vulnerability and the protector comes out, much more interested in obliterating the evil. Obviously, this too can't exist in reality. Evil exists; vulnerability can't be afforded.

    ** Side note: Vulnerability is important in a real relationship. Figuring out how to let just a few drops of that out at the right time was and remains an ongoing challenge.
    *Third, and maybe finally(?), I've always had a thing for robots. At the age of 10 I wrote a story about a robot horse named Obsidian who escaped from the laboratory he was created in. No recollection where that story was going. Among the Choose your own adventure books, I always wanted someone to write one with the theme You Are A Robot (instead of an Animal, which actually was a book). Where the heck did that come from? Beats all heck out of me. Can't say I'd want to reincarnate as a robot horse. Robot girl maybe; let me look at the society first.

So anyway, there's a soul dump from me. Probably more than you wanted to read. I don't fully understand why I like the fetish. Whatever it is, I find very few videos actually do it for me, since I seem to like the vulnerability of _being_ a sexy robot, rather than the "Look, I'm a human! JUST KIDDING I AM A MINDLESS ROBOT" kind of approach most the studios go for.

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby jolshefsky » Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:31 pm

I'm squarely in the "fantasy" camp. I know enough about computers and electronics (not to mention the nuanced complexity of the human mind) that I think an actual robot woman would be more breakable, limited, prone to (unsexy) failure, and super boring to talk to than what I would like. Imagining finding hidden seam lines is sexy; seeing the actual molding errors on sex dolls is not (transposing those same molding errors onto a fantastical sentient robot woman, though, is again appealing.) The messy reality of a sex robot makes the whole idea not desirable. Sure I'd like to swing by a showroom and maybe touch a plastic talking woman, but the minutia of day-to-day maintenance ... no thanks.
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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby Saya » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:55 pm

For me, it's more the idea of a fembot, or rather, my ideal fembot. As anyone who has read my stories can attest, I'm into more "realistic" androids/gynoids what have you than most other people. Realistic not in terms of looks, but in personality, thought processes, etc. And while that's not only my fetish, but a rather fascinating and dare I say it, time-consuming thought experiment for me to attempt to realize such a being's thought processes, I ultimately don't see it as anything more than a fantasy. Such technology is likely far, far beyond the curve at the moment, and while it advances at an astonishing rate every year, unless there's a major breakthrough in computer technology or neurology that allows us to understand what creates and makes a personality from a raw, computational/neurological sense, then I don't see it happening in my lifetime. I have often told people that I place fembots of the sort that are in my stories in the same category as elves, fae folk, vampires and other clearly fictional races and creatures.

Plus which, as people who read my stories would also likely agree with, I'm into some pretty kinky stuff. Putting it simply, the stuff I am into when it comes to fembots are things that I'd never want to see done to a real, thinking, living being. Organic or no, if it had a 1:1 reaction to it on the level of a human, I'd be pretty turned off by it in regards to what I like, and even if it didn't, I'd feel terribly uncomfortable with that regardless. The appeal of the fantasy for me is the fictional, temporary aspect to it, which allows me to sort of put my moral concerns aside, because I know it isn't real and exists only in the self-contained universe of the fantasy for me.

Seeing as I have Autism spectrum, I have often wondered if perhaps this fantasy was in some way made to deal with my discomfort around people, but I really don't think that's the case. A form of escapism to be sure, but isn't that what any fantasy is? I'm quite capable of separating my attraction to someone as a person and my attraction to a character as a fembot, and while I can certainly visualize a certain human I find attractive as such, I don't really put a link between them beyond their physical appearances and the like. I think, honestly, that it is some sort of deep attraction to the notion of a woman (or, indeed, a humanoid--my interests range from realistic fembots to outright metal-plated humanoid robots of indeterminate gender) who on the inside is full of wires, servos, metal parts and the like, who can be shut down, reprogrammed, or what have you in ways that clearly show its nature as an artificial being, even if that nature was by surface evaluation obvious. The mixture of realistic behavior, personality and motivations combined with something so very artificial is my biggest turn-on. There are certainly aspects of the female and male body that I find attractive and in ideal proportions, but the biggest point of arousal for me is that exposure of the artificial nature of such a machine.

To summarize one of my usual megahuge posts: Yes, I think of a fembot as a fantasy with no connection to the real world in any way, even if it is based off of a concept that has roots in the real world.
"If the time should ever come when what is now called science, thus familiarized to men, shall be ready to put on, as it were, a form of flesh and blood, the Poet will lend his divine spirit to aid the transfiguration, and will welcome the Being thus produced, as a dear and genuine inmate of the household of man."
- William Wordsworth

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby FaceoffFembot » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:00 pm

This thread is a read and a half.

I myself see my take on the fembot fetish as a sort of cranked-up BDSM (humiliation, damage) made more extreme (no consent, no limits) but also much more safe (non-sentient partners, no messy fluids). That's why I'm not a fan of sapient artificial intelligences. In real-life, that's an interesting and very ethically engaging concept, but if the robot you're dismantling can be considered a person or even a sensitive being, it takes a very dark and un-sexy turn. I picture my fembots essentially as Chinese rooms, their actions simply the output of an input ran through a list of pre-determined actions - not an ounce of soul or personality in these plastic heads (although the conclusion Chinese room argument are questionable in an existential nihilist worldview). The fun part to me is when the fembot, pretending to be human or much more advanced than she really is, is exposed in all its/her mechanical cheapness and pays for its/her pretentiousness (the bigger the pretense the better). In that way, I also think it's kind of a catharsis of misogyny, but canalized and made "safe".

I also think the robot aspect is an integral part of it, in part for the reasons cited above, but also for others. I don't think I'd get my kicks out of other artificial beings - golems, enchanted sex dolls, whatever. It's probably because I was exposed to robotic women early on - Terminator 3 and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in my youth, the Bionic Woman's and Surrogates's faceoffs during early adolescence, and also because fembots would be an industrial, mass-produced good, as opposed as one-offs and unique creatures, and thus even less persons and even more pretentious. I also enjoy all the classic robot tropes - open panels, faceoffs, glitches, jerky motions...

As for as the actualization of the fetish, I'm ambivalent. When I say I'm into robots, I do mean unfeeling woman-shaped mechanism whose behavior is just the result of cold computations, so I'd say it could come to be. However, my kink comes from damaging what will probably be expensive property (I don't think I'll ever own a fembot of my own - besides, that'd be an awkward present when guests'll come to your place), and I don't think any public figure out there is really a robot out there - and even then I'll probably get my teeth kicked in before having a chance at exposing them.

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Re: The core nature of your interest...?

Postby dieur » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:38 am

FaceoffFembot wrote: That's why I'm not a fan of sapient artificial intelligences.

I'd intuited that from other posts you'd made in the past, and yet I find many of your manipulations inspire some great head-canon! being one of my recent favorites. To you, the author, a mindless automation revealed. To me, an intelligent mechanical woman checking up on her systems and settings in a private moment.

For some reason, I picture an image in Battery's style here, two people shaking hands in compromise. Unfortunately it's been a long time since I last sketched, and my skills have atrophied.

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