A taboo subject?

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby evil_boo » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:41 pm

So, im on team destruction. Kinda. It has to serve the story. Don't get me wrong, if someone were to plop down a story and said "all this is is a robot being demolished" i would still read it, and i would still fap. That said, i find it more entici g when it serves a story or a purpose. I've read plenty of stories that end with the girl being destroyed for the sake of being destroyed, im ok with that...but i feel like it should serve the story first and foremost.

That said, i think im with ChocolatrKeys on this, it really does serve to reveal robots. Its that break when you can definitely tell that the girl is a robot that i like.

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby smalk » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:54 am

I personally don't like total destruction of fembots for the same reasons detailed above (don't enjoy seeing things destroyed, even more if it's something I presumably paid a lot for). I prefer slight damage that results in malfunctions / safety shutdown, it has the same end result while being far more credible.

In addendum, I often find the "causes" for the destruction concocted by the authors simply ludicrous (I have to assume it is a very complex machine, designed by a whole company over the course of a huge amount of man-hours and costing a small fortune - yet it completely destroys beyond repair for a small, easily predictable circumstance).

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby Deep Blue » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:25 am

Just like play TV game, violence is not a shame. Just remember not try this in reality.

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby evil_boo » Fri Mar 31, 2017 4:53 pm

Yeah, i think theres a pretty hard and fast line between what i like to read/write and what i would actually do if i had a robot in real life. I would be so much more gentle in real life, but this is fantasy.

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby TheShoveller » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:30 pm

Personally, I only like damage / destruction when it makes sense - in a fight for their life, taking a bullet / blow meant for someone else they were protecting, etc. Otherwise, I feel a malfunction / basic maintenance scene can still provide a reason why a fembot would have the illusion of being a real person broken in some way without the need of what amounts to death or dismemberment. Like any piece of machinery or technology, sometimes you have to crack the case open to blow the dust out, tighten a cable, replace a part that wore out, or sometimes do the old standard of "turn it off and back on again."

I could go more into my thoughts on this, but that'd be getting fairly deep and philosophical and, truth be told, I'm not that eloquent.

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby fembot_stalker » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:12 pm

--Battery-- wrote:I am of the folk who love it~ It's a very robotic thing that separates robot from pretenders. I am also in for some creative clever violence.
seeing some Violence or doing some Violence in a world too forced into order can be liberating and artistic sometimes...
Violence can be adrenaline so it can be exciting but it shouldn't be condoned in real life.
but nobody dies in fantasy!
I have seen some folk writing about destruction time to time, Personally, I can't wait to get more of it.
All of them come to warn about their content.
I believe it is the right thing to do even if the content is moderate.
I believe it is the right thing to do for all secondary kinks.

It is the internet and if some author just throws his/her writing (talking about writing here) with no warnings we can make funny personal assumptions about the author mental health and personal
fetishes. You know. Like when people wants to read their love poems in public and seemingly are not aware that they are basically describing under the allegories the kind of nasty stuff they do with the guy that picks them up to go to church on Sundays and is supposedly just a friend. Also since FC is used to be visited time to time by people with unique, not fantasy beliefs that can be a little worrisome to entertain like "I think I am secretly a robot" or "I want to turn someone into a robot with my garage technology, take turns" I guess it has some merit to clear that despite the content of your work you are not a misogynist or robot nazi even if it can be a little silly in this time period. Also, loved the part of the assaulted robot girl in the introduction of your nascent detective robot story. Would love to read more in detail what is going inside the body systems and the CPU as the characters are taking damage. Regards.

Robotman wrote:I have a general dislike for fembot destruction and damage, because I'm usually fantasizing about fembots I'd like to own. The idea of my own very expensive property getting
damaged or even destroyed is... troubling. As for when it's not in the context of my own property, I just can't help but think that it's too bad that an attractive fembot has to be damaged or destroyed. Also, damn near every story or portrayal of a fembot that doesn't come out of this community ends with the fembot getting destroyed in some way at the end, so it's become a kind of cliche I don't like for that reason. And then there was that one member here who went a little overboard for his love for damaging and hurting fembots, and really liking to see them in emotional pain over it. That was just unpleasant and tiresome to many of us.

FaceoffFembot wrote:I'm into fembot destruction because to me it's kind of like BDSM, except taken to a 100 and not restricted by contracts, but in the end still harmless to anyone. I get however how it might seem repulsive to the TF crowd, or people into sentient fembots, where the abuse might have very real consequences.

evil_boo wrote:Hey friends!
So recently I've been contemplating an observation. It seems to me (and I may be totally off base here) that there is a small taboo surrounding fembot destruction and damage. I'm trying to wrap my
head around the why, because it seems like there are the folks who love it, and the folks who really don't. So lets talk, people who dont like/actively dislike it..why? People who love it, why?

As for myself, there is a limitation when it comes to seeing female robots being destroyed or damaged. Given the fact that I also have many fetishes and fantasies concerning BDSM, female wrestling and catfighting, it would almost make my day to see well-equipped - and well-armed - giant fembots battling each other to the finish - like the way the robots in these games do. Actually though, I would have both 'male' and 'female' robots in separate matches duking it out, like on CYBERBOTS and REAL STEEL; but it would still all be in one big combat arena, WWF/WCW-style. (NOTE: Although he was originally a working-class Cybertronian in the iron-smelting pits of Kaon City, Megatron - according to one version of his story regarding the entire TRANSFORMERS Universe - first rose to power by fighting as a gladiator in the underground 'arenas of death' in that city - before he was finally able to oust the 'gangsta' Cybertronians who were facilitating the death matches!) Like I mentioned in other posts, I not only like the robots themselves but I like the idea that I can get them to do several things that most Humans can't and/or won't do. Of course, another good idea of fembot destruction is that of the T-X from T3; that killer gynoid needed to be destroyed. If any robot (whether real or imaginary) is actually built and programmed for combat, then I would not have a problem with it/he/she being a combatant in a ring, which is why I did not quite agree with the idea of all of those 'throwaway' robots in Steven Spielberg's AI (2001) being haphazardly destroyed for spectators' enjoyment (I believe that Spielberg was trying to expose Human ignorance in that scene anyway.) or those 'girl bombs' being used in those Doctor Goldfoot flicks. Why needlessly destroy an otherwise reasonably good piece of machinery that still may have other capabilities that are not necessarily combat-related? If a robot is far from being 100 percent, then hopefully, it/he/she can always be affordably worked on in a repair shop. Period. (NOTE: No, I am not for robot rights either; I'm just saying.)
(alt.sex.fetish.robots) AI and UFOs are spreading all over the Globe! 2 see more, just visit us at Malestrom1000's Youtube Channel. Thank you 4 visiting us as we get closer 2 creating our (female) repairbots, (giant) r⊙b⊙t gladiatrices, fembots, sexbots & h⊙b⊙ts; now how pimpadelic is that? :transformer: :rockon: :thumbsup: :nerd: :D :) :-o 8) :lol:

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby dieur » Mon May 15, 2017 8:43 pm

I don't consider it taboo, but since you ask: It is a turn off for me. For me, this fetish lies at the intersection of roads. There's the power dynamic of having control in an encounter with an attractive female that E.g. FaceoffFembot echos with http://www.fembotwiki.com/index.php?title=File:FaceoffFembot_-_Love_at_First_Sight.jpg . And there's sexual vulnerability - the fembot with the accessed controls. There's that fascinating otherness, when a fembot suddenly has to content with the areas she is not human, like http://www.fembotwiki.com/index.php?title=File:Wedding_power.jpg

For me, this is all most interesting on the edge of humanity. I'm just on the other side of a fine line that BA2 tends to flirt with. He seems to like fembots who mimic humanity but in the end are just machines. I like fembots who deal with artificiality but in the end are women.

So stories that end with damage, or explosions, or even just "Malfunction! Error in selfware.exe, I'm a metal hunk now" are always just a smidge disappointing to me. (I often get something out of them along the way - inspiration if nothing else - so still, I appreciate all ya'all.)

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby Deep Blue » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:35 am

What thing is taboo in fembot? I never heard that.

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby Extyr » Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:21 am

Well there's one thing totally forbidden on this forum, but let's avoid that subject...

As for my opinion on damage... I don't mind justified damage from combat or wear and tear, but I don't really find it erotic either. Stories where robots get off by destroying themselves are just weird to me.

I can take some careful dismantling or repair as it's a form of intimacy, but missing limbs remind me too much of amputees.

I guess I'd like to probe and tinker with my fembot while she's active just to watch her cute reactions. Then it could turn into something else... :wink:

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Re: A taboo subject?

Postby Svengli » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:30 pm

Thinking about it, I think I only find damage disturbing if what's happening is it's a stand-in for a fembot-in-name-only being abused.

Generally the trope of androids being a "new class of subhuman slaves" is troubling to me because it reads coercion into the relationship of a person and a thing.

Violence where a droll's head falls off and they lie inert until repaired doesn't bother me.
Violence where the owner does things which would torture a human and the dolls screams and maybe "bleeds" (grease or fake blood) bother me. Gruesome but obviously fake violence of all sorts on TV always bothered me.

I suppose everyone would have their values but it seems annoying to use a robot to simulate abusing a human. Once you can command a robot, it seems like the problem that frustrated you should be gone.


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