Daydreaming: Fembot-themed video game

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Re: Daydreaming: Fembot-themed video game

Postby Deep Blue » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:30 pm

I think it should have a large repair scene.

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Re: Daydreaming: Fembot-themed video game

Postby --Battery-- » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:02 pm

Hello I am Battery and this is my scavenger mode. I found some interesting daydreaming about robit videogames on ██████ and I am pouring it here to keep the ember of this thread alive. Regards.

Probably sandboxy RPG with lots of adventuring but in sci-fi setting, maybe with some survival elements, including traversing through derelicts, space bases etc, where aside from loot, plot hooks etc there's all kinds of lustful creatures including crazy hordes of sexy robot girls programmed/glitched to arouse and fuck dry any male and fuckable creature till they're completely spent.

So you got your regular survival, some combat, crafting, maybe even building if you plan to put down some roots somewhere and modernizing your own spaceship that could serve as a tiny base - non-lewd elements that make decent game on their own (I imagine something like first Fallouts or Septerra Core, just with different style of graphics and character busts etc a'la VNs). But there's also plenty of fucking, be it part of plot and character interaction or as alternative to fighting, especially against powerful robots of varied levels of humanoid looks, many of which are harmless till attacked but willing to fuck till then. Maybe you could also buy, customize some yourself or even find, hack or build from grounds up (using scavenged or bought, expensive and rare parts) some yourself as team members, choosing not only general looks (based on different parts with varied stats and functions) but also simulated personality (if any at all, probably would require better CPU etc) and prefered/eagerly indulged fetishes (may be limited by the rest of the hardware, don't expect footjobs from a robot which doesn't have limbs yet alone nice, soft, human-like legs but only antigrav jets, for example).

Would require plenty of work on even those aspects of customization alone (especially if you'd like robots to participate in conversations etc with differences depending on their personaity and parts) and it'd be game probably level above of even the best commercially sold H stuff if done properly so I don't expect to see anything like this anytime soon. But it's fun to imagine.

The bosses would be beautiful robot girls from different types, ranging from sexy and villanous humanoid robots, mechanical monster girls and robots that don't look too human but still have a very feminine air in their designs and personalities. The normal enemies are drones built solely for combat but since there are robo fetishists that find some of those cute or sexy then there would be some sort of sexualization in how they look.
You start the game with a very basic combat robot girl but you can obtain new parts by destroying enemies and use their parts to customize your robot girl both in look and in gameplay functions like gaining new mobility options, armor and weapons, customizing her personality would be neat too.
Boss battles have multiple ways to clear them with different rewards and outcomes depending on how you defeat the boss. Defeating them by attacking them with lethal weapons would destroy the boss and reward you with different parts depending on where you aimed your attacks the most but you can also find ways to disable the boss and take her back to HQ so that she becomes playable later after you repair her(the cost depends on how much you damaged the boss)

The game would have a lot of emphasis on the damage the bosses and the player take, reflecting this not only in their models but also in how they move, behave and their death animation. For example you can destroy specific body parts to disable some of the bosses' attacks like cutting the tail of a robot manticore and the like but this would make the repair cost higher and destroy some parts altogether. Finishing off the boss with powerful weapons like a sword would split her in half like in Mega Man Zero/ZX, using a powerful beam would destroy most of her torso and similar effects that would fit the weapon used. You can also use weaker weapons that won't cause all that much damage to her body once you destroy her, or you can use non lethal methods to make her run out of energy or a mix of both. However, the non lethal methods are more challenging and when the boss is low on life/energy she will enter a rage mode that makes the battle notably harder, after some time she will run out of energy and deactivate if you manage to survive without destroying her. Some non-lethal weapons would also have lewd effects on the boss like restraining her and leaving her in seductive poses or causing wardrobe malfunctions.

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Re: Daydreaming: Fembot-themed video game

Postby Robotman » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:21 pm

I like the way you think. ;)


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