So what is it about fembots?

General chat about fembots, technosexual culture or any other ASFR related topics that do not fit into the other categories below.

What is it about a fembot that appeals most to you?

She's a different kind of "life," with a different outlook and different kinds of problems
She exists to serve, and can be controlled and programmed as her owner chooses to use her
Both about the same
Something else (please suggest below)
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Postby Kurara » Wed Sep 17, 2003 10:57 pm

I think everyone has a different outlook on what a robot or a fembot is. A lot of people think of a really cold, emotion-less being when they think of a robot.. Some people really love that about them. To other people, a fembot is a really strong woman. They see a fembot as a woman of the future who doesn't have any of the functions that makes us "pathetic humans".. If you see what I mean. I guess it's that way. Some other people like fembots because of the whole submissive aspect.. Or because when you're a robot, you're just starting to learn everything about life.. And I guess some people are attracted to that child like innocence.. It's a personality trait I wish I could have myself.

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Postby ehy » Fri Sep 19, 2003 1:42 pm

Kurara wrote:I think everyone has a different outlook on what a robot or a fembot is.

So what's your outlook? (Welcome to the group, by the way!)


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