We Do Not Tolerate Abuse

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We Do Not Tolerate Abuse

Postby Kishin » Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:39 pm

We have recently been notified of one member harassing another in chatrooms using information found in the profiles here.

While it is beyond the purview of the moderators of this site to act as law enforcement officials in stopping such activites (your best bet for dealing with that is the cybercrimes division of your local government), we do need to address our stance on this.

I just want to remind everyone that there are risks and dangers involved with divulging personal information on the internet.

The management strives to make Fembot Central a safe and enjoyable place for us all to congregate, but the risks of internet communication are in full effect even here.

We would like to remind everyone that any information that is made public on these forums should be considered public forever, and that personal information such as names, contact info, and such are given out at your own risk.

We are all here to enjoy our shared love for the mechanical woman (in whatever form she may take), and as such we need to conduct ourselves as a community of friends and neighbors.

Anyone found to be abusing the Private Message feature of these forums (in order to harass or stalk another member) will find themselves and their IPs banned.

We will not tolerate such behavior from our members here
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Postby Robotman » Wed Sep 26, 2007 6:53 pm

I'd just like to add that if anyone is unsure if they're bothering, harassing, or stalking someone.... if they tell you to stop contacting, they mean it. You must stop.

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