gynoid media request and a link

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gynoid media request and a link

Postby droidz » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:08 pm

Now as for the link it contains incest but what got me was the gynoid on human stuff and now i've got a new fetish i guess.... having a hard time finding any gynoids that actually look robotic, metallic shell (<--i like) (i don't like--->)instead of a skin overlay ... if at all possible other comics/hentai ect.. would be very much appreciated...

Human on Gynoid stuff ultimately is what im looking for, I dont read or speak Japanese so if at all possible please provide translated versions if you have them

the link is not a work i did it was done by someone who gos by the name redeemer the boy in the comic seems barley of age...

The link is for a basis so i hope its fine.. but basically something to that affect with out incest. Just gynoid and human relations.
Thank you for your help folks. I've been doing a ton of searching in gelbooru, G.e-hentai, deviant art (had some nice pics but no comics) and general web searchs nothings really coming up.

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